The Board-Score System

The board-score system is a set of parameters (weights) for options purchases. These parameters are determined based on several critical factors, such as protocol risk, health, the voting score per protocol, and the preference for using the Grix SOP. This multifaceted approach ensures a balanced and strategic consideration of various aspects that are crucial for the protocol’s overall health and efficiency.

Solver Guidance

The solvers are being guided to the protocol's wanted results (efficiency, speed, reliability etc...) by the incentive mechanism which integrate the board-score system. The Solver then uses these inputs to calculate and suggest the best trading routes based on the current parameters and market conditions. This ensures that the platform's trading strategies are always aligned with the latest governance decisions, enhancing the platform's responsiveness and strategic edge.

Protocol Parameters


Diverse Asset Options: Offers a wide range of underlying assets for trading, expanding the choices available to investors.

Options Protocol Selection: Continually integrates diverse options protocols, enhancing Grix's trading flexibility and appeal.

Hedging and Trading Strategies: Adds advanced options trading and hedging strategies, empowering users to make more informed trading decisions.

Liquidity Provider Pools for Swap: Incorporates multiple liquidity sources, ensuring smooth and efficient trading on the platform.

Transaction Fee Structure: Sets the fee model for various platform transactions, maintaining competitiveness and user-friendliness.

Protocol Upgrade Voting: Allows the community to vote on smart contract and platform upgrades, ensuring Grix stays technologically ahead and secure.

Proposals Forum

We should choose one.


Integration Consensus: A voting mechanism where the Grix community decides on adding new protocols, tailoring the platform's growth to user interests.

Community Development Funding: Directs resources towards community engagement and education initiatives, fostering a knowledgeable user base.


Protocol Preference:

Favors one particular protocol over others, streamlining the platform’s operations and aligning with strategic partnerships or efficiencies.

Protocol Stake Weighting with Slashing: Gauges the significance of each protocol within Grix based on user-staked value, incorporating a slashing mechanism for added security and responsibility in stake management.

Grix SOP Priority: Encourages the utilization of Grix's own secondary options pool for trading, thereby increasing its liquidity and trading activity.

Liquidity Incentive Program: Offers rewards to users who contribute liquidity to the platform, fostering a more vibrant and fluid trading ecosystem.

Chain Preference: Prioritizes transactions and interactions on a specific blockchain, enhancing efficiency and performance on the chosen network.


Base Fee per Chain:

Description: This fee is a fixed charge applicable for transactions on each blockchain integrated within the Grix platform. It's designed to cover the basic operational costs associated with that particular chain.

Base Saving Fee (Market Cost vs. Expected Cost):

Description: This fee is calculated based on the savings achieved using Grix's naive solution compared to the typical market cost. It's a performance fee that reflects the value added by using Grix's system.

Optimization Fees (Expected Cost vs. Actual Cost):

Description: An additional fee is charged based on the further cost optimization achieved by Grix’s system compared to the initial expected cost. It incentivizes the platform to improve its cost-saving algorithms and solutions continuously.

Protocol Preference:

Consider incorporating fee considerations into protocol preferences. For example, protocols that offer more favorable fee structures to users could be given higher priority.

Protocol Stake Weighting with Slashing:

Fee structures could also be tied to stake weighting mechanisms. Protocols with lower fees might be weighted more favorably, aligning user and platform incentives.

The slashing mechanism might also consider any discrepancies in fees or unexpected fee hikes.

Grix SOP Priority:

Encouraging the use of Grix's secondary options pool (SOP) can be further incentivized through reduced fee structures or special fee discounts, enhancing its liquidity and trading volume.

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