Protocol Participants


  • A network participant who 'takes' liquidity from the market at market price (either buying or selling options) by executing orders instantly against either the options protocol's AMM or existing orders in the or an optimal split of both.

  • Takers provide the main demand vector to the protocol.


  • A network participant that provides depth and "liquidity" to the market by creating or 'making' limit orders (either intending to buy or sell) on Grix SOP. Makers add depth to the market by placing orders for buying or selling options at specified prices, which are not executed immediately but added to the SOP order book. When makers set limit orders, they effectively increase the liquidity available for takers to execute trades on Grix.

  • Makers provide part of the supply vector to the protocol.


  • A solver is a specialized participant, often an automated agent or algorithm, tasked with determining the most efficient execution strategy for an order. A solver is a part of the Grix protocol's ecosystem.

  • Solvers analyze various factors such as options price, AMM liquidity, protocol skew, and gas price to devise the optimal route for executing a trade. In blockchains where multiple protocols and execution paths are possible, solvers play a critical role in ensuring trades are executed efficiently and cost-effectively.

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