Grix Arena

The Arena is a layer designed for user interactions and includes the UI, API, and the Grix secondary marketplace for DeFi options. It's goal is to provide the user an easy gateway to view the current market, explore different strategies and price quotes, and place orders.

The Arena, as the primary interface for users, aims to offer an optimal experience in trading, hedging, and managing DeFi options positions all in one place.

Part of the advantages in the Grix Arena are the advanced trading features that bring DeFi users an edge versus trading on an underlying options protocols. Limit orders, spread strategies, and more exotic options strategies can be traded in one transaction through Grix. There are some complexities needed to be addressed in the basic interface of a user trading a limit order on options, since options decay over time (theta decay), the user experience must be similar to a traditional exchange and must include the greeks originating from the Black-Scholes model.

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